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WHO/IARC Colposcopy Training Course

This is a comprehensive, multimodal training course incorporating both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, offered by the International Federation of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy (IFCPC) in collaboration with IARC. A certificate of course completion is provided to trainees following successful completion of an exit examination. The course consists of four modules (completed over 6 months):

  • It has both online course lectures 21 topics.
  • Candidates have to undertake hands on training with their trainer in Colposcopy, LBC, Cervical punch biopsy, they should be able to interpret HP , Cytology report and should be able to understand efficient case management.
  • These details of 50 cases have to be entered in logbook.
  • They then perform 50 cases independently at their respective center ,enter in their log book and get it verified by trainer.
  • This validated log book is submitted online to WHO IARC office.
  • On completion of these formalities, they get permission to appear in the OSCE exams conducted by the end of session.

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