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Fertility Science has developed to such microscopic extent that infertility word is now extinct

Fertility science has travelled a long way to understand male, female factors as limitation to conceive. It started with IUI, IVF-ET, ICSI, Surrogacy, Adoption. Lot of research has got into understanding genetic morphology of Sperms, Inherited diseases, Uterine factors, Ovarian cycle, etc.

  • Male factor includes range from Azoospermia Nil sperm count, Oligospermia reduced sperm count, normal being above 20 millions, asthenospermia reduced motility. The cause of infertility has to be understood for further treatment.
  • Female factor includes ovarian factor related to anovulation, delayed ovulation, PCOD, Tubal factor like tubal block, genital tuberculosis, STI Gonorroehea, endometriosis.These are understood by hysterolaparoscopy and endometrial biopsy. Tubal blocks can be rectified by tubal cannulation.
  • The scope of success in assisted reproduction have increased tremendously with IVF-ET,ICSI,genetic testing, genetic counselling.

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Female Fertility Animation

Animation of female fertility and menstrual cycle from release of egg to fertilization or menstruation.

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