"A great learning opportunity from the Master and Wizard of Colposcopy and Preventive Oncology"

10 Video Lecture Series and 4 Interactive Sessions with Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar

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Course Convenor

Best Colposcopy Center in India

Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar

Medical Director Sai Niwas Health Care (India).

  • IARC/WHO/FOGSI Certified Colposcopy Trainer.
  • She is first to introduce the art & science of Colposcopy with advanced treatment for cervical precancers lesions in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • She is practicing as Preventive Oncologist, Colposcopist, Gynae Laproscopist.
  • More than 500+ Gynecologists have been trained in the Colposcopy across India along with hands on training till now.
  • Dr Priya has performed 5000+ colposcopies, saved more than 2000+ women from Hysterectomy. by treating more than 2000 precancerous lesions with Cryotherapy and Leep therapy.

Online Video Lecture Series

Welcome dear delegates for the Online Colposcopy and Preventive Oncology Course

  • First ever Online Course in Colposcopy.
  • Each day link will be sent to your registered mobile number and mail ID of two lecture topics of  Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar which  can be watched at your convenience.
  • Total of 10 lecture series covering A TO Z of Colposcopy and preventive Oncology (HPV Science, Cytology, Recent Updated Guidelines, HPV Vaccination, Therapies, Case Management).
  • Skill development of Your Colposcopy Reporting.
  • Pre & Post Course Assessment consisting of MCQ’s which will be evaluated by Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar.
  •  There will be live webinar sessions of Doubt clearing by Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar.
  • E certificate of attendance will be sent to your mail id post completion of the course bearing your photograph.


Interactive Session Schedule

  • Welcome & Interactive Session
  • Interactive Session
  • Interactive Session
  • Exit Exam & feedback
  • Interactive & Validatory Session

Course Module

Day 1 Video Lectures

  • Global burden of Cervical Cancer and importance of screening

Introduction of the topic , signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, Risk factors of cervical cancer,Importance of screening,Latest FIGO Classification of cervical cancer.

  • Understanding various Terminologies and Histopathology of normal Cervix

Explanation of different terminologies Squamous Epithelium, Columnar Epithelium,SCJ  Different types Transformation Zone TZ,Congenital TZ, Metaplasia, Dysplasia, Punctations, Mosaics,Crypt Openings, Hyperkeratic patches, and the clinical significance of each terminology.

Day 2 Video Lectures

  • Pathophysiology of CIN

Explanation of CIN, Evolution of various classification of Precancerous lesions, Natural course of CIN,Explanation of coarse punctations, coarse mosaics, Representation in Cartier diagram

  • Basic Of colposcopy

Instruments used in colposcopy, steps of colposcopy with its relevance, science of colposcopy interpretations,Normal and abnormal blood vessel patterns, colposcopy in challenging cases like Menopausal age grp, Endocervical speculum Examination, Video of colposcopy procedure.

Day 3 Video Lectures

  • Scoring System

Different scoring systems- REID,IFCPC,SWEDE Scoring system, Demonstrating the actual methodology of scoring in CIN cases, Importance of scoring system.Case based discussions.

  • Basics of Cytology PAP test, Science of HPV

Importance of LBC,limitations of conventional pap test, LBC procedure, cytology slide interpretation, Indepth knowledge of HPV virus, its three different stages in human cells,Relevance of E6 &E7 m RNA,Biology of Tumour Oncogenetics.Video on Collection of Cervical Scrape

Day 4 Video Lectures

  • Amalgamation of HPV test, cytology ,STI Tests along with Colposcopy to achieve at clinical diagnosis

Relevance of different types of HPV test available commercially, Optimizing the use of cytology, HPV in our day to day clinical practice, Case discussions.

  • Case Management with various treatments of CIN

Indepth discussion of various procedures like Thermoacautery, Cryocautery, LEEP,LLETZ with videos of these procedures performed by Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar

Day 5 Video Lectures

  • HPV Vaccination
  • Cervical cancer prevention with various screening guidelines

Discussion of different levels of prevention, VIA/VILI interpretation during screening programs,See and treat, screen and treat,Different guidelines,MOHFW GOI guidelines of screening, GCPR guidelines.

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colposcopy course

Dr. D. Angammal,  Tamil Nadu

My heartfelt thanks for your teaching and guidance. This is more than an online course, in addition to the subject we learnt to be more committed and and understood the important of aspect of women’s health care, which is the need of the hour.

Thank you Madam for showing us the path untold by many and need your blessings always through our journey

Dr Sarada Online Colposcopy Course

Dr. D. Sarada, Andhra Pradesh

It’s very hard to build without basement foundation. But Dr.Priyamam can make all zeros to 100 in the field of colposcopy. Not only that we can ignite their personality after watching her heartfelt passion to make us knowledgeable.

Dr Nishtha Nangalia Online Colposcopy Course

Dr. Nishtha Nangalia

Definitely improved the knowledge.. till now studies only as a part of subject now actually understood the colposcopy. Now all the more Interested in doing and screening cases

Dr Manoj

Dr. Manoj B. Agalawe, Maharashtra

Online certificate course in colposcopy & preventive oncology by Dr. Priya Ganesh kumar is a great opportunity to the Doctors in remote areas . The course fee is quite reasonable, and the online course saved our time, travel & stay. The best part of the course is it includes all the aspects related to cervical cancer prevention and early diagnosis, right from – Embryology, histology, pathogenesis, diagnostic modalities, Vaccination, treatment options & management algorithms, STD management and case discussion sessions. All of these helped us to solve our queries with appropriate justice given to each aspect. One-to-one discussion sessions were especially wonderful as they simulated patient management in real time. Thanks to Madam & her team for taking efforts to improve our knowledge & vision in most important but relatively neglected part of women’s healthcare.

Online Colposcopy Course

Dr. Puneet Shende, Maharashtra

Dear Ma’am I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, your way of teaching, talking towards us was amazing. You are such an energizing teacher that I can’t forget you.

” You are so down to the earth”

Thank You Ma’am Thank You so much

Dr. Chitrangda Gupta Online Colposcopy Course

Dr. Chitrangada Gupta, Lucknow

Dr. Priya is an amazing teacher. All the lectures were wonderful…gave a very clear insight of the topic.

Dr. Vishakha H Online Colposcopy Course

Dr. Vishakha H

I can say that my knowledge abt this was less than 10% as I’m yet to enter my Oncology posting (I just entered my 3rd year PG)….. Now with this course I hv gained enough confindence… knowledge has increased to more than 50%. I think once I gt to do thngs practically, it ll b awesome! I’m very much pleased with the course, hardwork of the team, dedication of Dr.Priya ma’am, Brief concised information abt all related topics….. I’m inspired! Most of the ppl ll b either gud clinicians or gud teachers…. A combination of both s rare n Priya ma’am being one of the kind is my inspiration from now on…. 🙂 I’m thankful to the entire team and look forward to atnd courses like this frequently… 🙂