Education & Qualification

M.B.B.S, Grant Medical College, JJ Hospital, Mumbai

M.D, University of Shycelles (USAIM), U.S.A

DGO, JJ Hospital, Mumbai

DGO, College of Physician & Surgeon, Mumbai

DFP, College of Physician & Surgeon, Mumbai


Dr. Priya GaneshKumar

Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar, Medical Director of SaiNiwas Chain of Preventive Oncology Centers PAN INDIA (Chain of 42+ Preventive Oncology Centers), Main branches Mumbai & Delhi. She is first to introduce the art & science of Colposcopy with advanced treatment for cervical precancers lesions in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is IARC/WHO/FOGSI certified Colposcopy trainer. She is practicing as Preventive Oncologist, Colposcopist, Gynae Laparoscopist. More than 2500+ Gynecologists have been trained in the Colposcopy across India along with hands on training till now. Dr Priya has performed 35000+ colposcopies, saved more than 6000+ women from Hysterectomy by treating more than 2000 precancerous lesions with Cryotherapy and Leep therapy.

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With state-of-the-art technology and qualified, dedicated team of Medical, Administrative and Support Staff.., we are recognised to offer world class services

— Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar
Areas of Expertise
  • Preventive Oncology
  • Colposcopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Family Planning
    • Breast cancer
      • Cervical cancer
        • Endometrial carcinoma
          • Ovarian
            • fallopian tube & primary peritoneal cancer
              • Endometrial sarcoma
                • Germ cell tumours, ovarian
                  • Vaginal cancer
                    • Vulva cancer
                      • Cervical Cancer Screening
                        • Care of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
                          • Ovarian and endometrial cancer screening in high risk women


                          • ‘COLPOSCOPY & CYTOLOGY’ Courses For Gynecologist Imparted Training To About 2500+ Gynecologist In Science Of Colposcopy.
                          • Master Trainer For State Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, NHM Cervical cancer prevention.
                          • Conducts – “Hands On Training Colposcopy Courses”, Every Month At Mumbai & Delhi For FOGSI / Non FOGSI Members.
                          • Course Convener For SNHC VIA/VILI Courses And Comprehensive Course In Preventive Oncology.

                          SPECIALIZED IN

                          • Preventive Oncology – 35000+ colposcopies and prevented 6000+ hysterectomies by treating Precancerous Lesions by Cryotherapy, LEEP therapy, Thermocautery, LLETZ, Cone Biopsy & treatment of Vulval Precancerous lesions.
                          • Laparoscopy – LAVH, Adhesiolysis, Tubectomy, Hysteroscopy, Cyst Removal, etc.
                          • Obstetrics – Over 5000+  Normal deliveries, 1800+ Caesareans , 1000+ Vaccum/Forcep Delivery, 500 painless delivery, over 200+ active PPH Management, active Eclampsia Management, over 100 Ectopic operation,OS Tightening, etc.
                          • Gynaecology– Over 800 abdominal/Vaginal Hysterectomies, Fothergills, PurandhareSling, Cystectomy, Ophorectomy, Endometrioma removal, etc.
                          • GynaeOncology Surgeries – Ovarian Tumour, Werthim’s Hysterectomies, to all gynaec cancers, modified Werthim’s Hysterectomies, MRM Modified Radical Mastectomy for Breast Cancer.
                          • Infertility – 500+ success cases, Male/Female infertility, Assisted Reproduction – IUI Procedures, etc.
                          • Family Planning – 3000+ MTP, Lap/Abdominal TL, Tubal Recanalization.

                          SOCIAL WORK

                          • Cancer Screening : Sai Niwas Health Care having expertise of conducting mega cervical cancer screening camps. Recently on  May 28th, 2019 approx. 1500 Ladies from rural Adiwasi tribal community Neral,  were screened for cervical cancer and breast cancer with the team of 25 Doctors from Pan India and 150 paramedics.
                          • Women Empowerment : For empowering the woman, Dr Priya took up the UNFPA project of starting skill development centers (SDC Project) with a theme of ‘Learning with Earning”. She was instrumental in setting up tailoring class, Beauty parlor  class for adolescent school dropout girls, housewives for their empowerment in the society and capacity building. Apart from augmenting their family income, the participants learnt about reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, safe motherhood etc. In appreciation of the work done the brand ambassador of UNITED NATION POPULATION FUNDS Miss  Universe Lara Dutta visited the centers and applauded the activities undertaken by interacting with the delegates.

                          ACHIVEMENTS & AWARDS :