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Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar
Medical Director of SaiNiwas Chain of Preventive Oncology Centers PAN INDIA (Chain of 42+ Preventive Oncology Centers), Main branches Mumbai & Delhi. She is first to the art & science of Colposcopy with advanced treatment for cervical precancers lesions in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is IARC/WHO/FOGSI certified Colposcopy trainer. She is practicing as Preventive Oncologist, Colposcopist, Gynae Laparoscopist. More than 2500+ Gynecologists have been trained in the Colposcopy across the globe along with hands on training till now.
Her Comprehensive Hybrid Fellowship course in Colposcopy & Preventive Oncology comprising of Online & Offline skillsets is very popular and availed by many doctors across the globe like UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore
Dr Priya has saved more than 6000+ women from developing to cancer by treating them at the precancerous stage thus saving from unnecessary hysterectomy.

Online Lecture Series covering the following topics:

  • Basic Histopathology of Cervix
  • Basic pathology¬† for CIN ,PAP TEST,LBC HPV Science
  • Tumor Cellular Biology
  • Step wise understanding of colposcopy
  • Reporting pattern of colposcopy
  • Colposcopy scoring system
  • Amalgamation of HPV and Cytology test in Clinical practice
  • Colposcopy interpretation to achieve at diagnosis
  • Case based discussions
  • Screening Guidelines
  • VIA/VILI interpretations
  • Cervical Vaccination
  • In depth Knowledge of all operative procedures
  • Ablative and Excisional therapy like
  • Thermoablation, Cryo cautery

Hands on Training at the centre covering the following topics:

  • Cover- Colposcopy procedure
  • Lesion identification
  • Scoring the CIN lesions
  • Documentation of Colposcopy findings
  • Identification of Normal / Abnormal Blood vessels
  • Cervical Punch Biopsy
  • Endocervical Curettage
  • Treatment of CIN lesions with Ablative Cryotherapy/ Thermoablation
  • Excisional methods LEEP/ LLETZ, Dry lab for LLETZ, Conization, SWETZ

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