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A One-Stop Destination of Comprehensive Women Care From Prevention to Cure

SaiNiwas Health Care has achieved many milestones since its inception in 2005 and is now recognized among the top health care providers in the sector of Gynaecology & Oncology. SaiNiwas Health Care has set benchmarks in setting chain of oncocare centers pan India with its path breaking work over the past 25 Years.

  • SNHC is a comprehensive cancer care set-up with all facilities for diagnosis and treatment of all type of Cancers.
  • Integrated Preventive Oncology Research Program and Laboratory Services. Its research program drives continuous improvement in all aspects of treatment and clinical care.
  • It has modern state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments.

SaiNiwas Health Care Initiative


Sainiwas Health Care has been progressively forthcoming in preventive oncology sphere, committed to the mission of promoting the science of Colposcopy along with deep understanding of the subject related to HPV , the prime root cause of cervical cancer.

Achievement and Awards